Health & Wellbeing
Wellbeing and health in harmony with nature
Helping you enjoy optimal health and well-being at every stage of life is what we're all about.
A personal experience

The group’s mission of health and wellness started with its founder’s personal experience. After a troubling diagnosis, he was fortunate enough to meet a doctor who had in-depth knowledge of nutrition and holistic medicine who helped him regain his health through the healing power of food and healthy habits.


From that moment on, we felt compelled to share this valuable treasure and created SHA Wellness Clinic. After almost 15 years of SHA as the undisputed world leader in medical wellness, we decided to expand the brand with the goal of opening at least one location per continent, making it possible for more and more people to benefit from this valuable method.

We transform lives
At AB Well-being, our aim is to bring about a positive, significant and lasting change in people's health and well-being, helping them to achieve and maintain their full potential at every stage of life.
  We transform lives
SHA Wellness Clinic

Lifelong health and well-being


We transform lives through a unique and holistic method, delivering the best results in the shortest time possible and providing knowledge so that people can maintain the optimal state of health they achieve, all with the highest standards of excellence in every aspect.

Next steps

Our challenge is to continue working to empower more and more people of all ages with the tools to reach their full potential and to experience the journey of life more fully. This is why we are currently developing a new brand around this concept.

Stay tuned!

Discover our locations
SHA Spain

01 / SHA Wellness Spain

With a building adapted to its surroundings and covered by the dense vegetation of the natural park, SHA Spain opened its doors in 2008 as a global benchmark in wellness and health. Over 65,000 people have transformed their lives since then.

SHA Mexico

02 / SHA Wellness Mexico

Set in the paradise of Costa Mujeres and surrounded by acres of Caribbean nature, SHA Wellness Clinic will open its second property in 2023 with an iconic design featuring suites and residences that all overlook the sea.

SHA Emirates

03 / SHA Wellness Island, Emirates

An unprecedented project that combines the core values of health, sustainability and heritage. The first healthy island will cover 25 hectares in the heart of Al Jurf and will house a Healthy Living Community of 150 residences.

SHA Residences

The planet’s healthiest residence


The exclusivity and privacy of a luxury property with permanent access to SHA Wellness Clinic’s team of experts, medical services, treatments, programmes and activities.

Residencias de ensueño en enclaves únicos
SHA Spain

01 / SHA Residences Spain

11 exclusive residences with large terraces and swimming pools, built next to the SHA Wellness Clinic with access to its incomparable range of services.

SHA Mexico

02 / SHA Residences Mexico

37 residences overlooking the Caribbean Sea with access to SHA Wellness Clinic's unparalleled services and amenities.

SHA Emirates

03 / SHA Wellness Residences Emirates

90 villas and 60 residential flats are at the heart of the exclusive Healthy Living Community on the Emirati Riviera, with access to unsurpassed amenities.