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Innovative wellness centers that make a positive difference in people's health.

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Iconic properties in the heart of nature, created in partnership with prestigious hotel brands to make your leisure time matter.

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Residential developments set in exceptional surroundings with exquisite care for every detail.

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AB Living

AB Living Group unveils the SHA Mexico Residences

SHA Mexico will be the first serious wellness brand to open in Latin America, becoming a reference point for the wellness sector due to its size, exclusivity, and innovation.

The Residences will offer a complete immersion in the SHA lifestyle, balancing permanent access to SHA’s team of globally renowned health experts with the exclusivity of a private home

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AB Living

SHA Wellness Clinic Receives Green Globe Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability is one of our founding values and has been present from the very beginning of SHA, which adapted its foundations to minimise impact, prioritised the use of natural resources and devised an integrative method that looks after global well-being.

That is why today SHA has the Green Globe seal, which recognises sustainable practices not only as a business model, but also as a way of understanding health and life.

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